The Story

This story begins when Drago agrees to assist his friends in the building of one of Earth's first cities, just north of the Caspian Sea, almost 7,500 years ago. Drago was the world's first blacksmith. He and his father had located iron, cobalt, and magnetite deposits when he was an adolescent.

Drago experimented with fire and a hand built forge to melt and mold the metals into useful objects. Many of his fellow humans were riding horses and Drago invented the horseshoe, eventually even coating the shoes with cobalt to enhance traction on rocky and icy surfaces.

Drago's friends were very interested in gaining his cooperation for their city building project, and when he finally agreed to assist them they threw a huge gathering with music, dancing, a feast, and the drinking of a psychoactive mead that they were all fond of. At this gathering the humans decided to begin time, a claendar beginning with the year 0.

This, even more than the concepts of city building and blacksmithing, captured the attention of the elementals. The nine elementals (actually ten, but one had no physical form), live on Earth in the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions. They live alongside humans as Drago lived among the trees of the forest. Because of the difference in their dimension of time they walked among us as we walk among the trees. Humans appear as mannequins to the elementals, rooted in place. The elementals lived in the rocky crags of some of the most monumental mountains on Earth.

The elemental that lived closest to the Caspian Sea was Vesta, the elemental of fire. Humans, mistaking these life forms for 'gods' sought to interact with them but that usually never happened. Vesta, however, was chosen to discover what the humans were up to.

On her quest Vesta fell in love with Drago and began to stalk him. She was intrigued with his ability to increase the heat of the fire with a bellows he was building, a dragon's head that took two humans to pump while Drago worked the forge. She was also drawn to his stature, beauty, intelligence, and industry.

The elementals were not female, they had no gender roles nor genitals. However they did have well formed breasts, long hair, and they were stunningly beautiful 'humanoids'. Both men and women fell deeply in love with them if they were ever able to see them, which the speed of their movement and other factors normally prevented. The elementals were not immortal, as legend suggests. They lived for 15,000 human years but only when the counting began. And that is exactly what concerned them the most. The years were human years as well, 52,000,000 years in elemental time.

Vesta and Drago eventually met and fell deeply in love. Vesta was able to learn to slow herself down to a human time frame and brighten her color and lightness so she could be seen. But that was not until Drago left his Caspian Sea home to travel to the area north of the Adriatic Sea where Vesta dwelled on Mount Triglav.

As Drago's city building friends had cut down most of the trees to burn the bricks to build the city, and the smoke and ash made living in the remaining trees harsh and desolate, Drago, and a host of horsemen he had come to know, traveled west to establish their new home north of the Adriatic Sea. Drago had a good reason to go in that direction as he was following his sensory experience of Vesta's voyeuristic attention to discover if she really existed.

When they met, Vesta promised to dwell with him for his lifetime on earth as a human. Drago determined to study and become a master of incarnation and renew their life and love each time he incarnated into human form. Our story covers 9 of these incarnations, the final one a tragic and disastrous scenario that thrust them from the year 4,000 (3,500 years ago) to the world of our 2006, on New Years eve in a penthouse apartment on Central Park West.